About us

DGA are a family run Portuguese company with over 30 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of wind and rain deflectors.

Made from cast acrylic glass from worldwide leader Lucite® (TUV Certificate – ISO 9001:2000 and TIS 18001). The smoked colour deflectors have a high quality dark, yet transparent appearance with high UV protection retaining its properties when exposed to the outside elements.

Manufacturing is in-house resulting in fast development and launch of new products for both retail and OEM customers.

With both In-channel (interior) application and Exterior application options, no special tools or clips are required with both being a quick and easy installation.

Each deflector is laser printed with its own reference number so they can be easily identified.

DGA wind and rain deflectors are available for all types of vehicles with an extensive application range of over 1400 products for Cars, Vans, Pick Ups, SUV and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

To date manufacturing continues in Porto, Portugal and DGA are proud to offer a 2 year warranty on its wind and rain deflectors.

Interior Wind Deflectors

Interior wind deflectors are fitted in the window channel

Exterior Wind Deflectors

Exterior wind deflectors are fitted to the exterior of the vehicle